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September 20, 2020

Til ke Laddu- Sankranti Special

D-Alive’s Til ke laddus are traditional sweets made with 100% Natural and Organic Ingredients, completely free from all sort of adulteration’s which otherwise is one of the most common adulterants in India. The laddus are a rich mix of sesame seeds and crushed groundnuts followed by pure ghee (organically produced) that plays a major role in stabilizing blood sugar levels. Most variants available in the market use little or no form of healthy fats but rely on sweeteners to make the laddus. As compared to what is available in the market, D-Alive’s Til Ke Laddu are not sweetened with the most widely used sweetener Liquid Glucose besides just refined sugars. We, on the other hand, sweeten our laddus with dried organic stevia leaves’ powder (0 Gi and 0 carbs), perfectly balanced out with organic coconut sugar which falls as low as 35 on the Glycemic Index. It is carefully curated and brings the goodness of all in one to make a celebration perfectly complete.

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