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October 1, 2020

Releationships with Strangers

We meet new people everyday we bond well with  some people and we dont bond well with some people. Youngsters and teenagers use a lot of social media they get connected to strangers and it can be good and as well as bad. Few of them find their life partners through social media know well and get married to each other and they spend their life happily and blissfully whereas youngsters fall prey in the social media for wrong things which can lead to crimes. Releationship with strangers can be good and bad as well. They do good and at times they misuse you and leave you and once their work is done they leave you.If the person realises at the right time that the stranger who is your friend now is using you for his or her personal use then its better to break the friendship or just make him an acquaintance.

At times there are some strangers who are your friends they remain good friends forever more of pen friends like olden days.

Lesson: Make sure that if you are meeting a stranger on social media much information should not be shared and play safe people and dont hurt yourself too much.

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