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October 1, 2020

Ola’s Disaster

Hey Folks, I am back after a long hiatus. The first blog of the winter:)

I was travelling to work last week  and it was 2nd and 3rd November i.e. Wednesday and Thursday where I had faced issues twice and it was the worst experience ever.

On Wednesday I had booked the cab and I happened to call the driver multiple times and the driver informed that he is picking up a co-passenger where I agreed to wait till the cab arrived. When the cab was showing nearest to my location i.e. 3 minutes near my house that’s the time I waited in front of my house. I did not see the cab near my house. I happened to call the driver and the driver went away to another location without informing me. I called the driver and enquired where he was he just knew the area name did not know where to go exactly and the co-passenger was not helpful either and this is where I lost my temper.

I immediately had to cancel my cab and then go in Uber and luckily I was able to reach work on time otherwise it would be a disaster. I tweeted the Ola Cabs team and I spoke to them and they were not quite helpful either which did not leave me with a better experience  and I ignored it thinking one bad experience.

Thursday history was repeated once again. The cab driver arrived on time and it was good and I picked up a co-passenger on the way. When I had to pick up my second co-passenger I had to go backwards and pick her up instead of pickups on the way. This made me furious and I reached work with great difficulty on time.  I was informed by the social media managers Bhanu and Pranjwan where they informed me that pickups are done in 5  kilometers and they informed me I was suppose to reach work by 4:45 and I reached 10 minutes earlier.

I was not really happy with their experience and started tweeting all over twitter wrote emails and tweeted to the boss and started commenting on co-passengers tweets and they also faced similar issues like me which made me more angry and pissed. Ola Cabs has always had pathetic customer service and they have not been very helpful and I posted negative comments about them which hardly bothered them.

After multiple attempts and phone calls I had the privilege to speak to Bhanu the Social media manager we had a lot of arguments and disagreements and also informed him that the service sucks and the customer service is pathetic and that’s when he agreed to take the feed back stating that pickups will not be done and will improve their customer service and also shared his personal experiences.

The best part what I liked about this representative was he managed to retain his old customer and was able to calm me down. Kudos to this guy and his service.

One lesson I have learnt here for sure is to use Less of Ola Cabs and more of Uber because after multiple attempts the issue was resolved and they ignore their customers and never resolve their issues.















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