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September 20, 2020

Life @ Dell

It was 13th January 2014 on my birthday when I received an offer from Dell. I gave the interview shortly and I was selected.  The interview was good and it was fun. During the interview process made good friends and they were the ones who later on helped me to complete the joining formalities online.  I joined on 24th Feb 2014 and the day well went with induction and made some good friends. The process training went well and our training batch had awesome fun and kudos to the trainer who had lot of patience dealing with us and teaching us the process. The training time passed quickly and there the honeymoon period ended.

When I hit the floor I felt the pressure initially I got adjusted to it and learnt the process with time because of the coaches and mentors. The best part was I had a crush on my coach and The Chai Wala has been amazing with his tea. His tea is the one which I look forward for it everyday and he makes the best tea where everyone likes to have his tea.

The best part was getting recognized in Dell and becoming the performer of the month and with time I won the Dell Champion Award which is not given to every employee in the organization. This award is a very special award because the award is rewarded to those people who have been exceptional and performed well.

There has been a lot of ups and downs and lot of memories and I have enjoyed working under pressure and the team work always mattered a lot. The managers and coaches have been very supportive and helpful.

I always had an opportunity to work with the best managers and it was a blessing indeed.  With time changing things have been drastically and the manager has not been supportive.

Life at Dell will come to end on 9th Sep 2016 where it will be my last day and I would move on further for a better opportunity.  I will carry only the learning and memories further.



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