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October 1, 2020

Interview with Mr Rakesh Lumb and Mrs Simme Lumb. The parents of the author Ms Oshikka Lumb!

1: How is the excitement on the launch of your daughter’s book?

It is a matter of immense pleasure and excitement on the launch of book authored by our daughter Ms Oshikka Lumb. Excitement is all the more important as she is the first one among all the near and dear ones around us to have written the book and that too without any assistance from any one of us. We do not even know when she started writing and finished writing the book without letting us know. We did not know anything about the book apart from the title of the book. Oshikka heartiest congratulations. We really feel on the top of the world on your achievement attained through your own hard work, perseverance and determination. You have made us proud.

2: What are your words of wisdom to all the parents of young authors?

Our sincere advise to all the parents is that while keeping an oversight on the children do not meddle or interfere into their determination in what they want to do even if it is against the tide or wind in the society. There is scope for every activity in the world as long as one is determined and focused to be in the top of the world. Children of today are far more determined than all of us.

3: What are the best wishes you would like to give your daughter?

Oshikka All the best and our heartiest blessing to you on your mission. May God give you more and more energy, strength and determination to write many more books and attain many more laurels in whatever you do. Our best wishes and blessings without any interference will always be with you in whatever you endeavor to do or achieve.

About the Author

Oshikka Lumb is the author of the book And she decided not to give up. The pre-ordering for the book begins on 12th September 2018.

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