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September 20, 2020

Ganesh Chaturthi Special: Pista Malai Modak by Chef Sujeet Singh

Pista Malai Modak

Ingredients                                     Quantity

Grated Coconut                               : 100 gm

Bowl Sugar                                      :  40 gm

Pistachio                                           : 15 gm

Pure Ghee                                         : 15 gm

cardamom powder                          : a pinch

Malai or condensed milk                : 50 gm

Rice Flour                                           : 80 gm

Ghee                                                     : 15 gm

                                                                     Cooking Method

For Stuffing

Heat ghee in a pan.

Add grated coconut, sugar, jiggery cardamom and pistachio. Mix thoroughly.

Cook till all moisture from the sugar and jiggery begins to dry.

It takes about 10 to 15 minutes for the mixture to dry on low flame.

Do not overcook as it will harden up and lose its taste.

Stir every 2 to 3 minutes till it turns golden yellow.

After mixture is ready add malai (condensed milk to the mixture).

For Filling

Boil water.

Add 1 tsp of ghee to the flour and mix it thoroughly.

Add 1 tsp of ghee in the boiling water.

Add the dough to the boiling water, lower the heat and mix it well.

Cover the vessel keep it for 5 minutes on low flame to let the rice cook.

Knead the dough into a smooth paste without lumps.

You need to knead it while it is still hot. You may apply some oil or ghee on your palms.

If you feel the dough looks dry and hard, add some hot water and continue to knead till the dough turns smooth.

For Making Final Modaks

Apply pinch of oil/ghee on your palms and make small balls of the dough.

Flatten it to give it the shape of a katori or cone.

Press the edges of the katori-shaped dough with slight pressure at every 1 inch distance.

The edges of the katori will now look like the petals of the flower.

Put some stuffing in the katori and close the ends to give them a shape like fresh figs or momos.

Take a leaf of banana or a soft cloth like muslin, and apply bit oil/ghee on it and place it in the steamer pan.

Place all the modaks on the leaf or cloth and close the lid.

Steam it for 5 to 6 minutes and turn off the flame.

Your delicious modaks are ready to be served.


About the Chef:

Chef Sujeet Singh

Executive Chef, Radisson Noida

Chef Sujeet Singh, the executive chef at Radisson Noida, possesses an extensive and rich experience of over 15 years in F&B operations and guest servicing in the hospitality industry. Other comprehensive skills such as managing and running the culinary operations, ensuring optimum delivery to customers and menu planning have earned him the position and respect in the industry.

Chef Sujeet has completed MBA from Sikkim Manipal Distance Education and has completed his Diploma in Hotel Management from NSHM School of Hotel Management. He landed up his first job with Le Meridien, Jaipur, and has worked with various hotels ever since. His previous work experiences include Trident Hilton (Gurgaon), Shangri-La (New Delhi), Intercontinental (New Delhi), Four Points by Sheraton (New Delhi), Radisson Blu (Indore), and Hyatt (Amritsar).

Apart from managing some of the leading hotel kitchens, Chef Sujeet also has a sound knowledge regarding the matters of sales and costs documentations, and inventory control for timely indenting of supplies apart from overseeing all aspects of kitchen management ranging from food production monitoring, ensuring compliance with pre-set quality & hygiene standards as well as aesthetic presentation of food.

He has also been nominated for Best Chef of Madhya Pradesh in all categories during his tenure in Indore (2014-2016), and has successfully catered IATO 2016, FHRAI 2016 and GIS 2016 among other achievements.

Executive Chef- Sujeet Singh, Radisson Noida

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