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October 1, 2020

From Telecom to Baking,The exciting tale of Bhawana Kaka. The founder of Bakerz Kraft!

Bhawana Kaka is an MBA post graduate. She worked with Tata Docomo and quit after she was blessed with a cute little baby boy. Baking was her hobby and passion which started at home between family and friends which gave her an opportunity to experiment different bake recipes.


1. How did you get started with baking? At what age did you bake your first cake?

I started my baking with Betty Crocker cake mixes when I was in college, which brings back some cherished memories.

Initially I used to bake to keep pampering my little one with little sweet goodies. I developed a passion for baking cakes about 5 years back when I was in Srilanka. A friend of mine used to bake special themed birthday cakes at home and I admired her work. The journey started from there with baking cupcakes, buns, truffle, doughnuts for my friends and family.




2.How was your first baking experience?

Betty crocker cake premixes was a good to start with, but finally My first frosted cake experience came live in Nov 2015. I did my first proper frosted cake when we had moved  to Chennai from Srilanka in the year 2015.

It was a moist chocolate cake with a coverture chocolate ganache and pieces of chocolate KitKat surrounding the cake with lots of gems as toppings. This experience gave me the impetus to move ahead with baking as a passion.


3. How did you learn baking?

I am a self-taught Baker. Thanks to the technology which gives us immense power to learn and experiment, one such tool is YouTube. I have learned a lot about baking, do’s and dont’s and what not. Later on, I joined various groups to explore more about baking.

4. When did you decide to become a professional baker and start your baking business? What was the inspiration behind the decision?

I am yet to work as a full fledged professional Baker. It is important to follow your passion beside being a full time Mom and I continued my baking at a slow pace. I loved the appreciation what  I received from my family and friends which gave me a boost to try out new bakes.

5. Please tell us about your baking company Bakerz Kraft.

I see the light at the end of this tunnel.  As of now I have a Facebook page from where I operate. You can visit me on


6. What are some of the challenging cake ideas that you performed till date?

For a beginner like me, Every cake is a challenge as for every new cake I try to do better than previous one. Learning from each cake and using the experience for the next unique presentation while keeping the customer expectation in mind is a challenge. For me personally the biggest challenge was to set up a themed desert table for my son’s birthday party.


7. What are some of the signature products of your company? Which one is your personal favorite?

We do lots of flavors, but my chocolate truffle (dark chocolate) is more in demand and people love it. Coming to my family personal favorite is blueberry cheese cake, it is unbelievably heaven.


8. Being a baker, you must have had to overcome challenges. Please tell us about them.

From understanding the specific requirement to making a cake as demanded is the challenge for a home baker like me. Working with new flavors for the customers who trust us and give us free hand to work is also a challenge. The real challenge is to make unique quality cakes and sell in competition with the factory/bakery produced cakes.

9. Narrate some of your success stories.

The launch of Bakerzkraft page on Facebook to spread across my work was a personal success for me. It was a more of me coming into the baking world.


10. What plans do you have to scale your business operations?

As of now no big plans. I try and work on small orders from friends, families and bake sales. I just bake and learn more in the process.

11. Your advice to those who wish to take up baking as a profession.

Baking as a profession is wonderful and stress relieving for me personally. People should definitely try their hands on it and never stop trying if you don’t get desired results. But if u seriously thinking to work as baker and you are passionate about it, you should learn the basics from a professional baker and then go ahead with your baking creativity.


12. If you have had one wish.

There’s never an end to what one wishes for. One day I wish to make a life size cake.


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