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October 1, 2020

From India’s youngest happiness coach to the founder and creator of HappyFit You

  1. Hi Anshula, Welcome to the interview session of Anamitra’s Blog. To start with, we would request you to tell us a few lines about yourself.

My name is Anshula Verma and I am India’s youngest happiness coach, founder and creator of HappyFit You . I am an ICC Certified Coach and a Fitness Instructor. 
To add to it, I have done Facilitation from TISS, Transactional Analysis, and Train The Trainers certification courses as well. 

2. How did you get the idea of starting HappyFit You?

While doing these courses, I realized that there was a need for fun-based learning and a need for people to be happy and stress-free in today’s environment. What I mean is there was a need for  Emotional, Mental, Physical & Spiritual Well-being. Therefore, I decided to create HappyFit You with the help of lessons I derived from my life experiences and the experiences I got from my education.

3. Please also describe your journey of HappyFit You from beginning till now?

HappyFit You was initially more about fitness, but because I felt the need of creating a holistic program that included Emotional, Mental, Physical, and Spiritual wellbeing, I started creating course content that covered all these in a workshop. Initially, I started with college students The students weren’t attending the lectures and the average scores were going down so, I started my workshop there. After the workshop, the students started attending the classes and learned to deal with their internal issues.

The same month I started doing my workshop at corporates, and it was a success. What really motivated me to conduct more workshops is the feeling of contentment that people got after my workshop.  I was invited to IIT Kharagpur by Dr. Saamdu Chetri who is Bhutan’s GNH Director. And one thing led to the other. Now, I work with companies like – Reliance, LTI, GEP, SiroPharma, DBS Bank, Tribhuvandas, Quattro etc.
I have collaborated with a few brand names like DBS Bank, Tribhuvandas, Cox & Kings (Getaway Goddess program) for HappyFit You. It has been an amazing experience because I am doing what I am most passionate about i.e. sharing kindness and happiness.

4. What challenges did you face as a woman entrepreneur and How did you overcome them?

Challenges come and hit you really hard. If we keep focusing on the challenges and not actually get up and knock those challenges with solutions, we will be stuck where we are.Lastly, I think being a woman entrepreneur is very empowering. In fact, there are so many different ways a women entrepreneur can grow her business. For e.g. I have collaborated and am an ambassador for the Turkey & Himachal Pradesh with Cox & Kings’ Getaway Goddess programme. It is an all women’s trip with HappyFit You workshop in those destinations. Imagine curating something like this only for women. 

5. How do you motivate your team?

We follow a policy of spreading kindness and happiness. Similarly, after every workshop of mine- I give away the HappyFit You Calendar with little act of kindness and Tulsi Plant.I feel in the end, what individuals mostly need is respect and the voice that is heard.

6. What is your USP?

My USP is being able to connect to people in the workshop emotionally and mentally. However, HappyFit You’s USP is that it is a fun way of discovering yourself Emotionally, Mentally, Spiritually,  and Physically. It has dance fitness & yoga in it too. 

7. Narrate some of your success stories.

The major success I feel was when I did my workshop at a college and a girl came up to me and told me, ” You made me smile today, I was depressed, I had failed my exam, my parents were pressuring me, my friends aren’t true, and this workshop made me really happy, thank you!” This for me was the biggest success. 2nd was definitely being called to IIT Kharagpur to conduct my workshop for 3 days.3rd is always the happy faces that I see after I complete my workshop. I end up wondering how many people’s life did I touch at that moment. That’s how I always rate my success.

8. Your advice to those who wish to be an entrepreneur.

 My advice is I know it’s hard to be an entrepreneur but if you are passionate about it, you should definitely go ahead and do it. Make a plan, make a schedule, get disciplined and get on with it. There will be times of failures, but always see what learning you can derive from it.


4 thoughts on “From India’s youngest happiness coach to the founder and creator of HappyFit You

  1. A journey well begain starting young is half done…..making a difference in someones life by your experience is the most noble of Karmas. Keep up the good work…continue the journey towards better experiences of all. Being a part of Happy fit you is a mass movement begaining with loud empowering rumblings.

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