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October 1, 2020

From Cabin Crew to DJ The amazing story of DJ Paroma!

DJ PAROMA is a complete clubbing soul, a night life lover, a bling freak crazy from Mumbai, India. Despite being one of the most popular DJs around here’s a sneak-peek of the excerpt.
1: Hello Paroma, Welcome to the interview session of Anamitra’s Blog. To start with, Please tell us few lines about yourself.
I am DJ Paroma aka Paroma Chatterjee.  A fierce, independent Bengali born and brought up in Mumbai. Currently, A celebrity DJ and an ex cabin crew, warm and friendly by nature. I love animals and love food.

2: So how did it all begin? Where did the name come from? What gave you that initial push?

Well my stage name ‘DJ Paroma’ is actually my real name and I am happy I chose that as it is. People connected to the real me immediately and by the name that I earned for myself. That came from a lot of hard-work, dedication and tons of support from my extended family i.e. my fans.T he initial push came from the realization that I did not have much time in hand to create a foundation for a career that I wanted to be associated with for the longest.


3: What are currently your main challenges as a DJ? What is it about DJing, compared to, say, producing your own music, that makes it interesting for you?

I am not facing any challenges as such at the moment. But you do need to be self motivated and challenge yourself everyday to bring out the best in you and stand out from the lot in some way or the other. Well Djing is a whole lot of adrenaline rush. When you get the opportunity to play music for thousands indeed it is one of the most beautiful feeling .


4: What do you usually start with when preparing for a set?

don’t prepare for any of my sets. I haven’t done that in the past and I don’t think I’ll do that in the future. But, I do get my necessary info  from my clients about the kind of music they would like so that I am mentally prepared and at least try and have all of it in my collection.

5: What makes you decide to play a particular record during one of your sets? Is there a criteria other than pure subjectivity, for selecting what to play at a gig?

Yes, like I said I get a brief from my clients but it is generally on a broader spectrum. Rest once, I hit the console and if they and I share great energies, then we are all in sync and vibe. There is no criteria as such in particular as long as everyone present at the event is having a good time.

6: Thanks to developments in the realm of software, DJing, playing live and producing have moved closer together than ever before, allowing DJs to change a track down the tiniest detail. How do you make use of these possibilities in your sets and is there a benefit?

Surprisingly, me and software’s aren’t friends yet and I don’t think we will be for a while at-least. I love my pen drives and enjoy playing and mixing manually. There sure are benefits, but I think it is all about your personal choices and comfort zone. In fact, I quit playing on CD’s just 2 years back. If I could I would still be on that.

7: Do you feel a crowd is actually able to appreciate the intricacies of complex DJing, if they don’t actually know what, precisely, is happening behind the decks? 

In most cases, almost 90% of the people are unaware of the details and pressures that a DJ goes through. The ones who don’t know anything about the technicalities or the art, don’t really care. As long as the music doesn’t get hampered in anyway and they are having fun that is all that matters for them. They would want to go for an artist who understands their needs and goes with the flow flawlessly. There are some who are absolutely not considerate and sensitive towards the artists and I have seen that happen to some right in front of my eyes.

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8: Do you believe in the possibility of “reading an audience” – and how do you put it into practice? 

Of course yes That’s the reason why I always get to the venue sometime before I start so I read them a little before I go live. It is  always a good practice according to me. I have followed this right from the start. After a few tracks you kind of take charge and control of them in a nice way of course.

9: People are often speaking about the demise of the club scene, but the experience has remained as potent as ever. Why, do you feel, has the club remained such a great place for the discovery and appreciation of electronic music? How do you see the relationship between music and the space it is performed at?

 I am seeing the demand of nightclubs have gone down slowly at least in India. Breweries, restrobars, pubs and lounges are more in demand now.  Most of these venues are not an ideal property to showcase electronic music but it completely depends on the set up, decor,  crowd and the artist. Yes, music festivals are also growing in numbers. The location/venue contributes greatly to the genre of music at its all about the vibe and feel when you connect to music. 

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10: In how much, do you feel, is the club experience shaped by cultural differences? Do you, when travelling, take these cultural differences into consideration – and in how far has your approach as a DJ perhaps even benefited from playing in different countries and in front of different crowds?

I have rarely faced cultural differences in India but I surely have. It can get a little difficult or confusing sometimes as to what exactly are they looking for. What I do believe in is If I can carry my culture from where I belong (Mumbai) to various cities and countries  then that would make me very proud. As a DJ, a small contribution towards bringing various cultures together under one roof makes me very very happy.

11: Any shouts you would like to make?

Just believe in your self. We have one life and we all owe happiness to ourselves in every way. Give yourself that chance and be driven to get the best out of you.

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