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September 28, 2020

#CWC 15 for Team India

India was a butt of jokes before the world cup everyone was not sure what team india would do because of their disastrous performance. people were not sure whether team india would perform. Selectors selected the players #Shikhar Dhawan was butt of jokes as he was unable to perform and many other players were unable to perform. Performance and form was a question for Indian Players. #Dhoni was confident that India would do well and India did well and it was a fabulous performance by them and #Team India won against Pak with 76 runs and we broke the #WC jinx against #South Africa for the first time and we made it 3-1 and we won by 130 runs.

India has key performers like Kohli, Dhawan, Rahane, Raina, Rohit, Dhoni and bowlers like Ashwin, mohit, Bhuvneshwar etc. As India batted first they scored above 300+runs if they dont win the toss in any of the games then Will the batting and bowling be so powerful how team india played against South Africa. They need to have that momentum and rigor on to win this #CWC 15

It was Little masters dream that India should win the world cup and we won it in 2011 and Yuvraj Singh played well and Dhoni too we won all the matches expect for south africa. He was diagnosed with cancer and he came back and could not perform well but now in domestic cricket he is doing well and this time in #IPL he is the highest sold player for 16 crores and its not a joke.

I still have some hopes from #Axar patel if dhoni makes him play in any of the matches that he will pick up wickets but #stuart binny no hopes from him and he just got a selection because of his Dad i.e. #roger binny but I dont think so Dhoni will make him play in any of the matches. We just got to watch the tamasha.

I still feel that the seniors like #yuvraj singh who have performed well in 2011 need to be brought back and he can perform well with the young guns and send #Stuart Binny and Axar Patel  back.

Dhoni has confidence on the current india teams performance and thats the reason India thinks that they dont need old players who performed well in the last season of world cup. I am not sure what good it will do to the team youngsters might do well as well seeking seniors advice who knows.I believe the old players should be given a chance

Sachin is missed on the grounds in every match. We miss you in every match.

Whatever is the outcome # Wontgive it back. All the best Team india..

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