Murder in a Minute by Shouvik Bhattacharya

Product Details

Paperback: 204 pages
Publisher: Bloomsbury India (10 December 2017)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 9789386643728
ISBN-13: 978-9386643728
ASIN: 9386643723
Package Dimensions: 17.8 x 11 x 2.5 cm

About the Author

Shouvik is a management graduate from S.P Jain, Mumbai and is currently working for General Electric. During the day, he designs high-end analytical software which makes aircraft’s fly, and during the night he plots devious murder mysteries. He had brief stints studying in Carnegie Mellon University, Indiana University and European School of Business. He is a die-hard fan of Manchester United and you might spot him reading, in a cafe or a bookstore in Bangalore. You can follow him @StoryTellerShouvik on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


When a young woman is found lifeless in a pool of her own blood, everyone is convinced that it is her college sweetheart who murdered her. The victim’s step-brothers, Rishabh and Arya,embark on a journey to unearth the truth, a journey riddled with fallacies and conspiracies, planted intentionally. What connection is there between a missing blue envelope, a misplaced sweater and stray footprints in a room. Could those people they thought they knew so well be hiding dark secrets about their past? Or did their dead sister have more to hide than they imagined?


I had been on a break from books and crime thrillers has always been my favorite genre. This particular book was on my TBR for very long. The book kept me hooked from the beginning till the end and I was very curious to know who was the killer. The characters, narration, timing, love, affairs were well described. One more thing which I liked the most was the usage of Spanish and Italian language. The only thing which disappointed me was it was sloppy in some parts and there were issues with the grammar.

Favorite lines

When we look up towards the sky and see swollen clouds of different shapes, we sometimes see resemblance between the cloud and a rabbit,or a puppy or the shape of a heart. It is a type of make-believe game, almost like life where we keep seeing things the way we want them to be.

Rating: 4*/5

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Interview with Mr Rakesh Lumb and Mrs Simme Lumb. The parents of the author Ms Oshikka Lumb!

1: How is the excitement on the launch of your daughter’s book?

It is a matter of immense pleasure and excitement on the launch of book authored by our daughter Ms Oshikka Lumb. Excitement is all the more important as she is the first one among all the near and dear ones around us to have written the book and that too without any assistance from any one of us. We do not even know when she started writing and finished writing the book without letting us know. We did not know anything about the book apart from the title of the book. Oshikka heartiest congratulations. We really feel on the top of the world on your achievement attained through your own hard work, perseverance and determination. You have made us proud.

2: What are your words of wisdom to all the parents of young authors?

Our sincere advise to all the parents is that while keeping an oversight on the children do not meddle or interfere into their determination in what they want to do even if it is against the tide or wind in the society. There is scope for every activity in the world as long as one is determined and focused to be in the top of the world. Children of today are far more determined than all of us.

3: What are the best wishes you would like to give your daughter?

Oshikka All the best and our heartiest blessing to you on your mission. May God give you more and more energy, strength and determination to write many more books and attain many more laurels in whatever you do. Our best wishes and blessings without any interference will always be with you in whatever you endeavor to do or achieve.

About the Author

Oshikka Lumb is the author of the book And she decided not to give up. The pre-ordering for the book begins on 12th September 2018.

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And she decided not to give up by Oshikka Lumb and Abhinav Arora

A woman or a kid gets molested in the city bus where our city has become the crime capital where crime rate against women has increased a lot. These are the regular mentioned headlines by the news agencies who publish on their daily journals. Well, these are not the characteristics of Incredible India. The news reports are still flooded with the fact that women are ill-treated and still are the prey of hunters for humanity.  Women are an integral part of the society but the satire lies in the fact that when they should be appreciated for the contributions made by them that is when they are still objectified and disrespected.

I am a member of the female community was very hesitant to get my community the respect which they deserve. We only need equal opportunities rather than being given reservations in different domains. It served as a bonus for me to work towards bringing a change in the society and ensure that the current scenario doesn’t prevail for long. I know that this was not going to be a cake walk but I wanted to bring a change in the society by using the power of words and that is how the author in me was born. Even before working on the plot I had decided the title of my book which is ‘And she decided not to give up’. The title is itself suggestive of the fact that every woman is her own hero and has got the ability to conquer any obstacle that comes in her path of glory.

I had started to prepare a blue-print for my book and in around one month I had a rough plot ready in my mind. I did not discuss the idea of writing a book with anyone till then. Simultaneously I was also working on my second start-up i.e. Events Mosaic and had launched an internship drive for the same. It was the orientation day of the selected interns and eventually the place where I had met Abhinav (Co-author) for the first time. After communicating with him I could see the zeal in him to work towards his dream and realized that he is a very dedicated individual. Initially he had started to work as a business development intern. However, he was also good at content writing and worked towards drafting business proposals. One day we were randomly having a discussion about life and I was simply amazed to see his level of understanding and clarity of thoughts. I had found a person with whom I could share my idea of writing a book and the plot behind it. I had discussed the idea with him and he replied, ‘We are surely doing this’.

We had started to pen down our thoughts once Abhinav was done with his first semester examination and by the end of December, we had prepared a final draft of our plot and chapter wise flow of content. In the month of January, the first month of the New Year We had set-up our goal of completing the book by April and had started to work on our book. We used to discuss the plot on the week days and isolate ourselves from all the possible distractions on the weekends to write down the content. We always shared our thoughts with each other and reached a point of mutual acceptance before finalizing anything. We used to stay connected via social media. We had our tuning set right. On an average, it took us 5-7 days to complete a chapter and sometimes even less. By mid-April, we had completed the initial draft of the book and then devoted two weeks towards editing of the book. In the first week of May, we had submitted the final draft of our book to our publisher OnlineGatha.

So, here I am starting my journey as an Author. It is a story of a young girl who had suffered a lot and still had the courage to break the shackles of disappointment and heartbreak. It is through her determination and will power that she was able to follow her passion and didn’t become another victim of the game called ‘destiny’. The name of the lead character is Nithya. Hey! I am Nithya. I am coming on 12th September to meet you all. Don’t judge my story by reading the brief introduction given above do give it a read and let me know what do you think about my journey.

Oshikka’s Message (Author) – I have a small message to give to our society, “Behind every successful girl is a father and her family, who trusted her and not the society”. Everyone should pursue their dream and passions and explore their being. Life is a beautiful journey, Live it!

Abhinav’s Message (Co-Author) – Always believe in yourself and just remember the fact that don’t let others opinion or actions define you. Your reaction to them will always define the extent to which they are successful in their act of de-motivating you. You are unique, cherish it!

Tip to all budding Authors- “Dunia ka sabse bada rog, kya kahenge log”. Do what you want to do and always be in love with that. Apart from this make a plan for everything before you start writing. Your thoughts should always be your imagination and don’t get influenced by others. Lastly isolate yourself from all probable chances of deviation while writing the book.

Pre- ordering for the book to start on 12th September,2018!

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Book Review: Who Owns That Song?

Product details

Hardcover: 216 pages

Publisher: Juggernaut (15 May 2018)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 938622867X

ISBN-13: 978-9386228673

Package Dimensions: 22 x 15 x 2.8 cm


The Past Is Past (Sendrathini meelaathu moodare by Subramania Bharati translated by M.L.Thangappa)

The past is past, you fools!

It never comes back.

Why cling to its vestiges.

And pine for the dead memories

Living in endless hankerings

And fretting yourself to death?

Let bygones be gone.

Feel intensely.

That you are fresh born

This very day.

Eat and drink

and be merry

Have a song at heart

All your ills

Will Wither away.

What is this book all about?

Subramanian Bharati is the the greatest poets of South India. He is one of the poets who did not receive recognition initially and went on to receive recognition later on. Born in December 1882 Bharati dedicated his life by penning down lot of poems, journals and novels. He worked as a journalist with many journals and publishers including The Hindu. He passed away at the age of 39 due to poverty. His unlettered young widow, Chellamma sold his works to his half brother. In the wake of freedom struggle,along with the music boom launched by gramophone records and the rise of talkies, Bharati’s songs became commercially valuable.After a series of legal wrangles, Bharati’s poems were put in public domain in 1949.


The language is simple and easy to understand. I have learnt many things about the poet and Indian history. The poems were the best part and I absolutely loved it. It makes me feel sad that great poets like him are not recognized and it takes ages for them to get recognized. The thing which I disliked about this book is that it looked more like a text book read. It also had too many characters with every chapter which irked me the most.


I always have the urge to know more about the Indian history and this is one of the books which I have liked and enjoyed. If you love Indian History then this is one book which I would recommend to everyone.


PS: Thank you Juggernaut for sending me this review copy.

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Book Review: Love of my life by Rohit Sharma

Product details

Paperback: 280 pages

Publisher: Brosis Publishers and Distributors; First edition (2018)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 8193450256

ISBN-13: 978-8193450253

Package Dimensions: 22.4 x 13.2 x 6.4 cm


What is this book all about?

Pain, sometimes, is like Love . . .
It grows, until it becomes your Life.

Major Virat Singh Rajput was once a fearless Black Cat commando who had saved Mumbai from its venomous perpetrators. His life took a beautiful turn when he got engaged to Pratishtha Sachdev, the girl he had selflessly loved for the last fourteen years.
Everything was blissful, until one day Pratishtha mysteriously went missing. Virat, who was hailed as India’s hero, has now become a villain and is facing a certain death penalty.
Only one woman can save him.
Criminal Defence Lawyer Vaishnavi Pandit has not won her first six cases. She is adamant to win her seventh.
But, still, no one knows where Pratishtha is.
No one still knows what the motive behind Virat’s crime was.
The odds are heavily against Vaishnavi.
Let’s unfold together a deeply romantic and nail-biting story about true love, excruciating pain and lurid vengeance – a thrilling story about love and honesty, hatred and deceit, friendship and animosity, dark truths and hidden motive.


I have always loved thrillers and this is the first time I have ever tried reading romantic thriller and I had a great experience with the same. The best part what I liked is that the soldiers who sacrificed their lives in Mumbai Blasts were given a special tribute. The language has been simple and easy to understand. Choice of words in the middle of sentences and short romantic poetry impressed me a lot. This book portrays the story of Major Virat Singh Rajput and Pratishtha where Virat was in love with her however Pratishtha failed to understand his love and was always in love with Kabir. The love story did bored me to the core and just reminded me of a Bollywood flick. Virat and Pratishtha character is more of calm and composed. Kabir’s character had the perfect shade of a Bollywood villain. Vaishnavi’s character was for a very short period of time however her role impressed me at the same time.

After Pratishtha goes missing the thriller part gets interesting and keeps you hooked till the end. One more thing which I liked about this book is that Vaishnavi had the guts to tell Virat what her motive was to Virat. The epilogue part just made me emotional.


The fragrance of your memories will never fade away, For, you are in my heart, in my soul, in my breath….forever.

“Pain sometimes is like love.It grows, until it becomes your life.”


A page turner book for sure. If you love thriller and romance this is one book which I would recommend to everyone.

Rating: 4*/5

PS: Thank you to the author for this review copy.

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Book Review: Lets have Coffee by Parul A Mittal!

Product details

Paperback: 240 pages

Publisher: Rupa Publications India (10 September 2017)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 8129148668

ISBN-13: 978-8129148667

Package Dimensions: 19.6 x 13.2 x 1.6 cm


About the Author

Parul A. Mittal is the author of the national bestseller, Heartbreaks and Dreams! The Girls @ IIT. Her second book, Arranged Love, captured the hearts of Indian youth.
Born and brought up in Delhi, Parul has worked for various corporates—Hughes, IBM Research, NexTag and Yatra—for over thirteen years. She co-founded an online parenting website called RivoKids. At present, Parul is running recreational Math camps for kids and trying to find her ‘FLOW’.
She is married to Alok Mittal and has two amazing daughters, Smiti and Muskaan. Apart from reading and writing fiction, the author loves listening to old Hindi music, playing board games, painting, trekking and lawn tennis. Parul is based in Gurugram.

What is this book all about?

Working as an assistant wedding planner at an ex-boyfriend’s wedding, Meha encounters the delectably handsome wedding photographer, Samir. Conceited and a flirt, Samir reveals that the bride happens to be his ex. But when Meha finds out that Samir is using their relationship only as experiential material for his novel, she leads him to believe that he means nothing to her.
Their chapter closes.
But life has other plans for Meha. Five years later, she finds herself in an online reality show living-in with the same Samir and trying to understand the true meaning of love.
Will she find the forever-wala love in a world where relationships can be as brief as the messages we send each other and where we are spoilt for choices, whether it’s the screensaver on our phone or the flavours of a condom?
An interesting take on relationships in our times, Let’s Have Coffee is funny and witty, warm and wonderfully realistic story of two very different people who fall in love.


The language is very simple and easy to understand. The book made me laugh and kept me hooked till the end. I also personally loved the book cover. The writing style of the author is amazing and she has spiced it up with humor and pun. This is the story of Meha and Samir where Meha wants to be rich and settled but nothing goes the way she has planned things and Samir is a engineer who turned into a freelance photographer where he believes friends with benefits and does not believe in the concept of marriage. While numerous girls drool over Samir’s personality and he believes in enjoying every moment of life. Meha and Samir are two different personalities and differ  a lot in terms of thinking and beliefs as well as physical appearance too.

When they first meet their exes become a introduction for them. Love blossoms between them and ends up in one night stand. Due to misunderstanding Meha parts with Samir and they meet exactly after five years. Meha is still in love with Samir and when she meets Samir she blames the situations and with lot of twists and turns they become one. The characters have been portrayed well. The Hindi songs  added in the middle of the novel connects with the readers and it made me feel that I am living a moment.

Please wish us luck, so our love can develop like wine slowly, tastefully forever over years, even if we end up like the two butterflies following each other with no binding of marriage and yet together forever.


If you love humorous and fun reads then this is the book which I would recommend this book to everyone.

Rating: 5*/5

PS: Thank you Rupa publications for this review copy.

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Book Review: Flowers of Sapphire by Anubhav Srivastava

Product details


Publisher: HALF BAKED BEANS (1 March 2018)


What is this book all about?

Three years have passed and Kafka has not forgotten the love that was, Mira. He comes to an island with a hope to find some belonging. Burdened with nostalgia and his encounter with Vivah gradually transcends into a belonging that could captivate his heart. Vivah has a convalescing heart too. And as much as she grows to feel Kafka as her companion, she knows that one day she will have to leave the island and go back to a life she wants for herself. Poised between the real and the surreal, the island holds the story of a witch, waiting to rejoin her lover in the depths of the sea. Kafka must make a choice to complete a tale of love of an age long gone by, or retreat into the safety of his old life.


The language is simple and the choice of words which has been used is amazing. I loved the way the author has written this book.  The concept of struggle, love, pain and the need for relationships had kept me hooked till the end. Past makes its impressions on the present and it leaves you with lot of memories. The nature was described so well and I felt I was reading the short poems by different people and not a book by an author. The only thing which I disliked about this book was I felt a little boring in the middle and the first chapter on the book i.e. Kafka on the shore made me remind of Harukami Murakami’s book.

When the rains will weep for nights and days and black clouds will flood the ocean with sorrow.

When a soul turns into flowers and the waves come to claim them all: flowers as blue as sapphire.


If you are looking for a short and quirky read then this is the apt book which I would recommend to everyone.

Rating: 4*/5

PS: Thank you Half Baked Beans for this review copy.

Book Review: I did it my way by Bikram Dasgupta

Product details

Hardcover: 256 pages

Publisher: Rupa Publication India (2018)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 812915076X

ISBN-13: 978-8129150769

Package Dimensions: 23.2 x 15.6 x 2.6 cm


What is this book all about?

It is the story of a middle-class Bengali boy whose impatience became the reason for his success. Bikram reveals his beliefs, ideas influences, failures and successes in a roller coaster journey of over thirty years, exemplified by a single-minded, near obsessive determination to move ahead in life, despite debacles.


The title of the book caught my attention and this book is a very interesting read. The language is very simple and the author used good choice of words in the book. I personally loved the part where he used his business tactics to expand the business and also become the number one PC manufacturer in the market. Shiv Nadar’s valuable lessons to Bikram impressed and inspired me a lot. He faced a major set back in terms of his entrepreneurship however came up big despite fiasco. The only thing what I disliked in this book was that it was little dragging and rest all things were absolutely fine.

It is what you read when you dont have to that determines what you will be when you cant help it.

-Oscar Wilde


This book is recommended to people who wants to become a entrepreneur and make it big in their journey. Not to forget an apt book for the book lovers who love memoirs.

Rating: 4/5*

PS: Thank you Rupa Publications for this review copy.




Book Review: A Bride, A Murder and A Trail of Blood by Laxmi Natraj

Product details

Reading level: 16.00+ years

Paperback: 249 pages

Publisher: Story Mirror Infotech Pvt Ltd (2017)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 9386305488

ISBN-13: 978-9386305480

Product Dimensions: 21.6 x 14 x 1.3 cm


What is this book all about?

A newly married bride starting her life in a modern neighborhood is spotted with bruises and wounds by almost everyone, clearly pointing to a dark case of of domestic violence. When the flat is discovered with blood spills and visible signs of violence in the house, there is an obvious possibility of a brutal attack or even a murder of the bride. Both the bride and husband Professor are missing.

As the police investigate further, evidence piles up against the professor, the accused is found finally, But he shocks the police by saying that he was never ever married to any girl.

The story twists and turns with heated arguments of court scenes where the defence and the prosecution collide head along to prove their point. As the reader almost decides that the story has concluded, a blast from the past of the Professor unfolds, revealing the darkest side of the Professor and more skeletons tumble down from the closet. The reader enjoy a roller-coaster ride of a series of shocking, and spine-chilling revelations, that will have your glued till the last page of the novel.


I have always loved crime thrillers. The title and the blurb of the book caught my attention whereas the cover of the book just looked average. The language was simple and easy to understand.  The story has lot of twists and turns and it has an unpredictable ending. It will keep you hooked till the end and you will be curious to know what is going to happen next. The other thing which I disliked in this book was grammatical errors which can be corrected from editing and proof reading.


If you love unique thrillers and they fascinate you then this is recommended who love mystery and crime thrillers.

Rating: 4/5*

PS: Thank you Story Mirror for this review copy.

Book Review: Men and Dreams in the Dhauladhar by Kochery C Shibu

Product details

Paperback: 284 pages

Publisher: Niyogi Books; First edition (3 August 2015)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 9385285009

ISBN-13: 978-9385285004

Package Dimensions: 21.4 x 14.9 x 1.9 cm


What is this book all about?

A hydelpower project in the remote Himalayas. Three people brought together by fate. Nanda, an engineer from Kerala at the dam construction site hiding from his past, from the law, torn between the love of his dear ones and the traditional kalari code of revenge. Khusru, a boy displaced from his native village in Kashmir, a gambit in the terror plot threatening to blow up the dam, working as a labourer at the site. Rekha, a Kathak dancer in heart, a doctor by profession, arrives at the campsite as the consort of Khusru. A village that accepts the dictates of modernity with a heavy heart, its population steeped in superstitions and religious beliefs.

All throng the campsite like moths to a flame, some escape untouched, successful; some, miss a step, and perish. Each has a story to tell and a dream to realize. Men and Dreams in the Dhauladhar is about the aspirations of these people with their cares and worries woven into the site life. The fury of nature and the hardships of project life have no mercy for the weak and no time for the dead. Like an eternal spectator the Dhauladhar watches as men risk life and limb in a quest to fulfill their dreams.

What did I like?

The language was simple and easy to understand.  The choice of words which was used and the places which were described was very nice. Short poems in the middle of the book is always a turn on for me. The characters past was explained well  and they were interconnected to each other.

What I did not like?

There were too many characters in the story where it was difficult to remember and relate everything in the story.  The technical details of the dam construction was into details which I did not understand and that was a major turn off for me. The climax was not that great and it could have been better.

(It is not to make mansions, nor to sleep on the terrace, but to live in your birthplace for a few days that this struggle is all about.)


This book is not again for the regular readers. People who understand the technical details of the dam construction and do not have anything to read from their TBR can go head and pick up this book.

Rating: 3.5/5*

PS: I received this copy from the author in exchange for the honest and unbiased review.