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September 20, 2020

Book Review: Murder in Paharganj by Kulpreet Yadav

Product details

Paperback: 278 pages

Publisher: Bloomsbury India; First edition (10 October 2017)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 9386826615

ISBN-13: 978-9386826619



On a cold December morning, a white woman is found murdered in a cheap hotel in Paharganj, New Delhi.

Vicks Menon, an out-of-work journalist, is tipped off by the hotel’s receptionist and is the first to arrive at the crime scene, where he discovers a lead. It’s the bus ticket used by the dead woman two days earlier. But Vicks is battling personal trouble. He has no money, an alcohol problem, and a nearly broken relationship with Tonya, his estranged live-in partner, a clinical psychologist who specializes in profiling hardened criminals.

Moving in and out of the shadows, Vicks pushes his investigation harder as it takes him from Udaipur to Bangkok. On his side, for resources, he has a nameless intelligence operative, and to read minds, a lover who is beginning to trust him again. But above all, his instinct to stay inches ahead of death will be the key to his survival.

If Vicks lives, this is one story that will change his life forever.

What is this book all about?

Murder in Paharganj is  the story of Vicks Menon who is an out-of-work journalist where he arrives at the crime scene where the white woman Sherry Bing has been murdered and he finds a lead at the crime scene. However he faces challenges and also experiences death very closely. Will he able to solve this mystery with the help of ACP Rao and Ariel?


The title of the book fascinated me and the cover of the book is simple which I liked the most. The book kept me hooked till the end and I was not bored at all and I was curious to read how the mystery unfolded further. The characterization was done well.  The language was simple and lucid. The choice of the words which was used in between the book was good.

What I did not like?

The main killer Jamie was killed by a unknown person and the killer who killed the main killer was not mentioned which I felt was left incomplete. The first three words are capital in every chapter and there was incorrect sentence formation done which was a major turn off for me.

My Verdict

It is a good book to read if you are a crime/thriller lover with minor flaws.

Rating: 4/5

PS: Thanks to Bloomsbury India for this review copy.

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