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October 1, 2020

Book Review: In Search of Happiness by Shivangi Rawat and Sushil Kumar Rana

Title: In Search of Happiness

Format: Kindle Edition

File Size: 758 KB

Print Length: 44 pages

Sold by: Amazon Asia-Pacific Holdings Private Limited

Language: English



In Search of Happiness is a eBook of five short stories. The stories have a common theme and the characters are looking for happiness in their life.

  1. Divine- This is the story of Arohi and Aakash where they found happiness in terms of writing and the distance of 1400 kilometers never mattered to them and nor the fact that one of them was married. They found themselves drawn to each other through texting and telephonic conversation and stuck to each other and found happiness in each other.

2. Transformation of a Lover into Writer- The young character who had a heart break and was trying to move on from his beloved found happiness through his travel with friends and was inspired by one his friends and decided to pen down his novel.

3. In search of Happiness- A man gives up all his money, power and his life to fulfill his wife’s last wish to serve those in need and find happiness after her by helping those who requires the most.

4: Nitya, The Warrior – A girl with a bad past and struggles finally finds the person she can truly trust and be happy with.

5: The Last Hope – The character lost his family in tornado. He found happiness and spent his time in temple and he found propose to live life and happiness through an abandoned baby.


When I started reading the book I initially liked the story and thought I shall have a good read but realized there are 5 short stories. The sentence structure, grammar, narration and the shifting of verbs were a turn off for me. The only thing good here is that the poems were good but what turned me off is the capital letters used in the poem and also felt that the stories were incomplete.

This book is good for one time read and appreciation to the authors for getting their book published. Best wishes to the authors for their future work.

Rating: 3/5*

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