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September 20, 2020

Book Review: Her Wounds Hurt Him by Aiman Parween

Title: Her Wounds Hurt Him

Author: Aiman Parween

Publishers: Blue Rose Publishers

Edition: First

ISBN-13: 9781640088702

Number of Pages: 77



This book is a book which everyone can relate to. This is the story of Dhani and Preeti where every girl would have suffered like them but people like Akash who are inspiration and motivate people to fight back are much needed in the society to fight beasts like Ankit who think money can be used to buy everything.


I am completely a new book blogger and this is my first review copy from the author. I shall be always thankful to the author for sending me this copy out. Her Wounds Hurt Him is a romantic thriller of Dhani an elegant dancer and Akash. The story starts on a gloomy note where Dhani is introduced as a girl where she has lost all anticipations in her life. Akash falls in love with Dhani during their dance rehearsals but is amazed to see her introvert attitude. Later he comes to know from her sister  how she lost Preeti in a bitter way.  The boy who killed Preeti in a brutal manner was Ankit who had a secret crush on Dhani. Ankit  even sexually harasses Dhani on the pretext of telling the culprits name who killed her best friend. Akash becomes the savior and fights for justice of Preeti and Dhani along with Dhani.

The book started on a good note.It has a very  simple language and it was very easy to understand. The cover of the book was very simple but the title caught my attention. I found the book little boring in the middle and there were minute mistakes on the book and the editing could have been done in a better way. There were 4-5 characters but the only focus was only on 3 characters which was a sheer disappointment. The finish of the book was average and did not have that charm and excitement and sounded like a regular romantic book. This book is just a one time read and if you are inspired by Dhani’s story this is the apt book for them.

Rating: 3.5/5*

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