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September 28, 2020

Book Review: Glimpse of Life by Sneha Pandey and Arpan Ghosh

Title: Glimpse of Life

Format: Kindle Edition

File Size: 1698 KB

Print Length: 47 pages

Publisher: MyBooks Publication (12 September 2017)

Sold by: Amazon Asia-Pacific Holdings Private Limited

Language: English




Glimpse of Life is a eBook that takes you through different stories of  life like love, betrayal, suspense and emotion that we are made up of. It is a book containing 6 short stories that helps you to understand the importance of life. This book contains 6 different stories altogether i.e.

Missed the Train

I love you Di

Gorgeous lady in the train

Page of a Diary




I am a new book blogger and this book is written by  Sneha Pandey and Arpan Ghosh. The cover and the title attracted me and that is when I decided to purchase it and read it. The first story i.e. Missed the train I felt that the story is incomplete and the spark is missing in the story. The sentence formation and the spelling mistakes were a turn off for me. The acknowledgement part was too long and about the author information for Arpan Ghosh had errors in terms of sentence formation.This eBook also lacked editing and was not edited properly.

The good thing about this book is the acknowledgement and author information for Sneha Pandey being small and at the end the stories were good. The only thing which turned me off again was the capital letters used and minor spelling mistakes.

This book is good for one time read if you are reading it with the spelling mistakes and incorrect sentence formation. A major turn off for all the literature lovers.

Rating: 2/5*

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