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September 28, 2020

A story of Rashu Rathi where she enjoys her work through Wedding planning!

  1. Hi Rashu, welcome to the interview session of Anamitra’s Blog. To start with, we would request you to tell us a few lines about yourself.

My name is Rashu. I am a spirit Junkie and I specialize in conceptualizing and planning weddings + designing and luxury brand events at Indian wedding squad. I truly love what I do because it allows me to express what I like and what I believe in. I love to travel and discover other cities, cultures, and corners of the world while at the same time, curating mood boards for luxurious, fun, significant weddings with a distinctive character. My company is young as I launched it back in April 2016. I incorporate Multi-Industry Experience including Hospitality, Aviation, Corporate Public Relations, Modelling, Fashion, Lifestyle and Independent Social Work Responsibilities.

2. Please tell us about your company i.e. Indian Wedding Squad?

Indian Wedding Squad is Delhi first Minimalistic bespoke event design and planning company. We specialize in typical and stylish weddings, social occasions, and special events.  We believe in every couple’s dream wedding is unique, Thus we always make sure that every wedding conception is completely different reflecting couple’s personalities, rituals of families and their own mood boards. We tend to mix high international service standards with contemporary India to bring an unforgettable, timeless and stylish event to all our clients. We have hand-picked the best wedding vendors around India and abroad to provide nothing but the best products & services. We get to the heart of our clients and their requirements and will work with you hand in hand to translate your dream wedding come true. We conceptualize distinctive ideas and bring out vital details that will set your wedding exception from any other.

3. How did you get into wedding planning?

I was helping my husband with his multilevel event management company which I loved but I craved a bit more of the creative side of wedding planning. I am insanely detail oriented and organized but also really love aesthetics and styling. Weddings fit that bill for me and I love getting to do both!

4. What was the First Event you helped to organize?

Wedding planning of Singer turned Minister of state for heavy industries Mr. Babul Supriyo where Mr Narendra Modi attended the wedding with other politicians and Bollywood Celebrities.

5. Tell us some challenges that you have faced during your time working as an Wedding Planner and How did you overcome it?

Firstly, the most important challenge is to know your clientele what is that they want to portray through their wedding function. Wedding is an expression and it showcases your family, views, authenticity and traditions. So, every decision family makes is very emotional and our challenge is to in keep that in mind if that is realistic enough or not.

Second Challenge at times is the budget. Wedding being the most important day of your life, people tend to go overboard with their ideas but they also have their budget amount fixed.

Focus on the good, not the negative. I think the glass half full versus half empty analogy is key in these situations because it’s wedding after all and we really can’t expect control it all the time.

6. Please tell us about the toughest event you have organized?

My Toughest event was Indian Wedding Show, which is India’s Biggest wedding event with more than 75+ categories of wedding industry, creating a space for the everything of weddings. Focusing on current Indian wedding market in the country while still keeping in mind the traditions, ethics and sentiments of our Indian customers, a platform for every brand to be associated with the wedding industry every way. Indian wedding show is created with an idea to promote, amplify up bring new trends, brands and at the same time enlighten the people about the variant brands and vendors in the Indian wedding market. Its prime objective is to bring the whole of wedding industry together and procreate the business of weddings in India and globally by bringing in effulgent elegance in the form of luxurious wedding expo which we pulled in 40 days to be precise from communication design to marketing, media tie ups to production.

7. Who are your major competitors in India? How do you differentiate yourself from other players?
There are tons of planners in the wedding industry but I don’t want to view it as a competition. Instead, I love that we as clients have so many choices. I want to use it as inspiration. I am always studying how other wedding designers and planners market themselves – from Designing, to Marketing campaigns, to the hot new color for trends. There is always something new to learn to do or not to do from each other. Every person has different designing aesthetic, and preferences. Of course, I love my designs and think they are the best! But having options is not a negative to me. It’s a chance to learn how I can be a better brand myself.

8. How Indian wedding Squad is different?

Our young team of designers and stylists work with the craftsmen, artisans, and weavers with the aim of bringing and celebrating weddings with those whose unscripted episodes of work make knotty affairs come true and calling it going back to India’s roots through medium of designing wedding space, furnishing, collecting spanning textile, decor, lighting, florals, centerpieces, meaningful motifs, crafted fabrics and details with contemporary modern ensemble with our Indian heritage.

9.  What are your future plans?

Personally, as I see my future for the moment is with client calls, proposal writing, timelines, social media, business planning, working with the team, industry events, designing, researching, communicating with vendors, working up floor plans, searching for inspiration, executing wedding days while drinking a whole lot of coffee!

Indian wedding squad is more than a business.  We are a professional, meticulous and imaginative wedding management company, aimed at offering impeccable customer service and a magical overall experience. We look forward to collaborate with more and more partners, clients, their families and our vendors in future. We look forward to position ourselves as a resource to support growth through the flawless execution of weddings, events, and meetings. We continue to help create unique and memorable moments through creative planning and execution. We are governed by a set of Core Standards, one of which is Quality over Quantity. As of now and for future We concentrate our time and talent on fewer weddings booked by only accepting 12 weddings per year.

10. What is your message for budding entrepreneurs/young generation?

Many budding entrepreneurs see entrepreneurship as a high gloss lifestyle when the reality is it’s a total lifestyle that you craft and will be a roller coaster of highs, lows, celebrations, and stress but in the end, there is nothing else in the world you would rather do.”

Do not give up. You are going to feel like you can’t go on. You’re going to ask yourself, what’s the point when you are not making money or the bills are piling up. Believe me, I have been there but persist and find a way to make it through. For everyone that quits, it makes your chances of succeeding, even better. Keep the good vibes going!


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