Book Review: Love Not For Sale by Anurag Garg

Hey Folks! I am back with my second blog.  I had picked up this book with the boy who loved by Durjoy Datta. I was not too sure about the author but just liked the book by the title and the cover page.


When I opened the book and started reading the book I loved the poem written by Maya Angelou. This is the story of Kabir Thapar who is the spoilt  son of the richest industrialist in Mumbai. His Mother’s death leaves him shattered and within no time his father remarries and finds a new wife.  He has always been into alcohol and drugs and he was always into one-night stands.

Kabir’s life changes when he kills two innocent people due to drunk and driving and runs away from the accident people and ends up in a red light area and meets Sehar a sex worker where he was running away from love understands later the meaning of emotions and love. Read the story out today to know more.

My Verdict: It is a very nice book to read and it is written in a very simple language and it is not very complicated. It teaches a person the good and bad of the society and also teaches you how to fall in love and understand the emotions of the other person.

Rating: 5/5*

Grab a copy from the links below.




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